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Lake Oswego, Oregon - 1997

When the original house was built in 1972, it was isolated in the woods. The Williams bought the house in the 1980s. They fell in love with the property but were never able to feel the same way about the exterior of the house. Over the years the area developed into a neighborhood of traditional houses; a style they did not appreciate.

n 1990 they hired Robert Oshatz to design an addition and completely new, non-traditional exterior appearance for their home. They wanted stucco to be the predominant material, for its durability and appearance. The roof slope of the addition matches the slope of the original house. The Williams’ were fond of circles and they became a theme of the design. The south side of the second-story is glazed with semi-circular disk-like fins at vertical mullions, providing privacy from the street.

The original garage was removed and a three-car garage added. A new laundry room was added, and the existing family room was enlarged in the same area. The kitchen was removed and a new kitchen was created within an airy and light filled part of the existing south deck. A staircase was added for more private circulation. A second floor playroom was added over the garage and the small adjacent child’s bedroom was enlarged to the northwest with the use of a semi-circular form in section. Phase 2 added a master bedroom suite.