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Lake Oswego, Oregon - 1980

The client's psychological sense of space established the geometry for this 12,000 square foot residence. The client had a sense of confinement with most interior spaces having walls and roof overhangs providing an enclosed feeling. Thus the structure was designed with walls and glass sloping outward. This increased the feeling of spaciousness and volume to the interior. The roof sloped upward like butterfly wings to free the sight lines from the horizontal, yet still give the walls or glass protection from the elements. The client's requirement of an indoor/outdoor swimming pool resulted in an enclosed barrel vault in three sections sliding open on a track. The structure became a synthesis of the semicircular vaults with the outward sloping walls. These geometric interrelationships resulted in a design whose forms is an outgrowth of the psychological (functional) needs of the client

Lake Oswego, Oregon - 1978
In this house, named because of its eave projections reminiscent of a Great Horned Owl, the rectangular vertical shaft in its rhythmic flow upward makes a transition from a stem to a multi-colored (not shown in model) flowering blossom.

Canby, Oregon - 1990
A modest home and workshop designed under a limited budget utilising a curving plan and a serpentine singular roof form.

Lake Oswego, Oregon - 1979

In this house the minor axis is two "V" shapes which are seen in both plan and section. The vertical shaft is less noticeable; the "V's" grow outwardly as they rise out of the shaft


Lake Oswego, Oregon - 1980

Private Estate I Lake Oswego, Oregon 1980 This estate was to be situated on an 18-acre site with a commanding view of the city, lake, river and mountains. The program called for a 30,000 square foot residence. The poured in-place concrete structure curves along the brow of the hill while stepping five stories down the hillside, terminating with a cantilever tennis court and indoor/outdoor swimming pool.

Washougal , Washington - 1980