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Black Butte Ranch, Oregon - 1977

The client for this house in a resort community wanted a structure that would harmonize with the aspen grove setting and near by butte. The result is a building, which encompassed the play of colors and textures of natural materials interfaced with the surrounding environment. This is seen in the relationship of the white aspen grove against the soft curvature of the black stone and branch-like structure of the wooden elements in the glasswork. This interplay gives the building a compatibility with nature. It is an example of capturing the poetry of a site and translating its spirit into architecture; a communion between client, site and architect.

One enters this 2 story, 280-sq. m. structure through a 770 mm opening into a small courtyard that is built of the same slate, stone wood and glass one encounters upon entering the interior of the house. Once inside, one is greeted with an open dining – living space with views of the aspens trees, meadow and Black Butte. The rest of the main level included a kitchen, master bedroom suite also sharing the views and a guest bedroom. The upper level is devoted to the children with a large playroom and two sleeping cubicles.