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Arizona Beach, Oregon - Ongoing

This 3,000-square foot family retreat is anchored into a tall razor-like peninsular that juts out into the rocky Oregon coastline. The house reaches out from an anchored base over the peninsular and allows occupants an exhilarating view over an entire vista of the Pacific Ocean. When entering the property through a dark fir forest and driving up the hill toward the house there is no indication of an ocean view. After parking, visitors are led through a series of intimate gardens, and into a circular spine corridor that has access to a theater, guest facilities and garden views, all enclosed and shielded from the ocean. Eventually the spine opens into a circular great room with a shell-like ceiling and frameless floor to ceiling glass that propels the occupants out into the dramatic ocean-scape of the Oregon coast. The spine reappears on the ocean side of the great room as a large deck that reaches outward over a rocky beach and crashing waves some 200 feet below. Views from the house span the entire stretch of coastline from north to south.